Blonde, Beautiful, Boonville...three B's that relatw directly to Kendra, this week's 103GBF Hometown Honey. This Warrick County hottie has many hobbies and interests that she describes in her own stream of conciousness.

"Those deep conversations with your friends in the car, Thinking your phone was charging all night, when it wasn't even plugged in, that one innapropriate friend we all have <3, I still remember the day when I first saw you :), Hooters, KB Photography, Marty Mc Bride, DIA Photography, Christy Jochum Digital Photography & Design, Freelance Artist and Photographer, Warrick County Awareness and 103GBF!"

Now, knowing all that...enjoy your look at summertime girl and 103GBF Hometown Honey Kendra!

Pics by KB Photography and Marty McBride!