I have been racking my brain about what to post for today, and this is what I have came up with! You probably would like to get to know the woman behind the mic right? Well, even if you don't keep reading anyway. ;) These are the things I couldn't put on my bio on the website! They are completely random things about me, after you read them you will then know a little bit more about me.

  1. My car is named cherry pie - Yes, after the song by warrant!
  2.  My favorite food is spaghetti, but only homemade by me. I can't let anyone else try to make it because nothing tastes just like my homemade spaghetti!
  3.  I enjoy country music.
  4.  My first concert was Hank Williams Jr. I went with my great aunt and my mom. My mom seriously embarrassed the crap out of me the entire time. Now, I act just like her when I go to concerts - funny how that works huh?
  5.  I'm seriously addicted to Facebook! I check it constantly I can't help it I'm a social butterfly.
  6.  I don't like to eat anything green. I don't think so much it is about the color but I just don't like anything green. Yes - I have tried green things just doesn't do it for me. YUCK!
  7. I have a brother that is 21 years younger than me. He is my little rocker! I was only child until him! He is one smart little cookie!
  8.  I'm obsessed with taking pictures. I have about 30 photo albums of pictures of my family and friends!
  9.  I'm addicted to Ski -the soda. I have to have one every morning, for lunch and one for dinner. If I don't I will get one huge headache!
  10.  I grew up on the Ohio River. I mean not literally on it, but my dad has a river camp. Every second I had I would be out on the river boating and swimming! I love it.

Now, you know a lot more about me! What is a random fact about you? Comment below.