Please be warned before you post a video on the Internet — you may end up in a compilation like this one. Here’s some 0% Musicianship moments.

You guys into GraveDanger? This “traditional heavy metal” band recently got a boost from Catatonic Youths for their less-than-great music video for “Modern DarkAge.” There are plenty of moments to enjoy in “Modern DarkAge,” like the frontman’s epic mullet and sideburns, the insane voice modulator he uses to hit Halford-like screams, or his rare ability to harmonize in a minor ninth.

If you step into one of those weird music video making machines at the mall, please please don’t post it on YouTube. One rock ’n’ roll couple made a video singing along to Disturbed’s “Down With the Sickness” that will not only make you sick audibly, but visibly too thanks to the awful psychedelic color schemes in the background. This one makes that classic “Chop Suey!” video look well done.

Can’t book a venue for your experimental underwear noise project? Just take your mic and half-a-dozen guitar pedals to the local park. That’s what one artist did with a face painted ghostly white. They certainly made an impression on some high school students just trying to hang out in the park, and they made it onto our list, so we suppose it’s a success all in all.

Check out these 0% Musicianship moments in the Loud List below.

0% Musicianship

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