Can this please be in the next Batman film?


With the passing of the late, great, Adam West on Saturday, we're all in mourning. He was, essentially, almost everyone's first Batman. Before Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman, before Christopher Reeve's Superman, there was Adam West and Burt Ward blazing the trail as Batman and Robin, BIFFING and POW-ING there way into our hearts.


Everyone is mourning in their own way. Personally, when I found out on Saturday, I had been invited to 2 different shindigs at the same time that night and I was having trouble figuring out which one to go to....Then one of my friends mentioned that he had the entire Batman tv series on BluRay. CHOICE. MADE. I spent that night binge watching classic Batman and trying to hide my tears in delivery pizza.


This guy decided to honor Adam West by performing an epic rendition of the Batman theme song, which I almost want to start a petition for to get it played at the end of Ben Afleck's Batman movie.


"But Chynna, the classic Batman song wouldn't make sense in the new gritty, dark, world that DC has created for Batman now..." I KNOW. That's what would make it PERFECT. Imagine watching a really dark DC Batman movie, the end credits start to roll, and you just hear THIS...




Do you know how HILARIOUS that would be?? Also, it'd be an epic tribute to Adam West.


I'm starting the petition now. It's going to happen.

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