This week's list of GIFs is particularly awesome. We have more than a few funny animal GIFs but don't act too surprised. Sometimes we at TheFW just can't help spreading our love for cats doing adorably funny things, such as our first GIF of a cat finally figuring out who was really behind her toy.

But don't worry, we also have your favorite reaction GIFs. Get a big test back this week? Understand a particularly obscure movie reference? We've got the GIFs for you.

And finally, for everyone's safety, try to drink this weekend like the cat in our last GIF, lest you end up like the exploding pumpkin.

The tragic loss of innocence

How you felt in elementary school when a snowday was announced

Don't go too crazy this Halloweekend

Backflip Fail - Head Shot

Who ever said cats weren't good at guerilla warfare?

I think it's time we take a break


Well that didn't exactly hit the target

Oh Right, Humans Not Food


Need more mic

Getting your midterms back

Fear the dark side

Trying to drink sparingly

When Someone Quotes a Movie and you get the reference