For the second time in as many weeks, Courtney Johnson has been a guest on the MY Morning Show. Now, that's not just because Liberty and I think Courtney is a great guy, although that is most certainly true. Nope, it's because his organization, Young & Established, continues to do great things in our community - things that are definitely worth talking about on the air.

Over the weekend, Courtney and other folks from Y&E celebrated a pretty major milestone, one that has been years in the making - they opened up a brand new Young & Established community center!

For more than seven years, Y&E has been a great resource in our community, providing services and programs that young people may not receive otherwise. How amazing is it that they now have their own space to continue their important work! We were glad to have Courtney back on the show so he can brag about the new community center.

The Y&E Center is located at 1308 Vann Avenue, next door to the Family Dollar store. Visit the Young & Established Facebook page for pictures, updates and more info.

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