Evansville has a big history with A League of Their Own, as our very own Bosse Field was used as a filming location for the classic baseball film.  Bosse Field played home to the Racine Bells, where to this day a vintage looking sign from the movie still stands.  You can now own a piece of A League of Their Own history as Tom Hanks' uniform us up on the auction block.

In 1992 A League of Their Own introduced us to the Rockford Peaches and their alcoholic, ex-superstar coach Jimmy Dugan. To this day one of the most quoted lines in cinema is the line said by Hanks "there's no crying in baseball!"  The role of Jimmy Dugan actually won Tom Hanks' the award of best supporting actor by the American Comedy Awards.  Up for auction is the full uniform Tom Hanks wore in the movie. The uniform comes with the jersey, pants, cap, belt, and even leggings. All of which were worn during filming of the movie by Tom Hanks.

The current bid is sitting at $8,342 as of the time of writing this.  There's 18 days still left in the auction.  The auction description describes the item as follows:

This incredibly important complete uniform was worn by actor Tom Hanks in the acclaimed 1992 movie "A League of Their Own" as manager Jimmy Dugan of the Rockford Peaches. The uniform includes the jersey, pants, cap, belt and leggings that were worn by the two-time Oscar winner in the film. The belt has a swatch missing on the back but does not affect the display quality.


Incredibly, this is not only the key costume from a major character in one of the finest baseball films ever made, but a Hollywood hit and a cultural touchstone, and most importantly worn by a screen legend in one of his most iconic roles. Remember, in winning or losing this landmark piece in auction, there is NO crying in baseball.

You can read more about the item, and see the auction, here.

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