If you're in a situation where you can't call 911, you can text 911 for help.


We hope you don't ever need to use it, but if you're in a position where you can't call 911, but you have the ability to text you can now text 911 in the Vanderburgh county area. Your text will be received by Evansville-Vanderburgh Central Dispatch. They will respond to you as well through text. They ask that when you do text 911, you include as much information as you can.

The 'Text to 911' program was made to help those who may potentially be in a dangerous situation where they can't make noise, but it also is a great asset to those who may have issues with hearing or speaking. This program is available in all 92 counties in Indiana, and I have no idea how I've gone this long without knowing about it! So I want to make sure you know about it too!

If you do happen to find yourself in an emergency situation,  calling 911 is the preferred method. But if for some reason you can't call, it's is nice to have this safe guard in Vanderburgh County.


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