Now this is taking horror fandom to a new level.

On Set Cinema is a film series that takes movie fans to a whole new level with their fandom. On Set Cinema is currently offering screenings of fan favorite horror and cult movies in at actual filming locations.  And if you're a fan of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre you can have the chance to not only watch the original film INSIDE the house where many of the most terrifying scenes were filmed, but you will also get to stay the night in the creepy house.

The house from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is located in Texas (duh) so if you're interested in spending a creepy night in the house you're going to have to do some travelling.  The house is currently a cafe' in Texas,but for two nights they're closing down to accommodate this horror fanatic event.

Here's what OSC says about the event:

Who will survive On Set Cinema: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and what will be left of them? Join us at one of the most iconic horror movie locations of all time …The Texas Chain Saw Massacre house! Some of the most memorable and horrifying scenes in horror film history took place inside this house - on Sunday, March 29 and Monday, March 30, 2020, a limited number of fans will get the opportunity to not only hang out and watch Texas Chain Saw inside the house, but will also get to stay all night inside this iconic location!

There's only a limited number of tickets available for this event, and you must be 21+ to attend.  If you're interested tickets start at $350 and you'll probably need to make some travel arrangements if you're from the Tri-State area.  But it would definitely be an interesting chance to make some memories at an iconic horror location.  If you're interested you can find all the info on booking your stay, by clicking here.

How cool is this video I found?  It's older, but it's Gunnar Hansen (AKA Leatherface himself) giving a tour of the filming location, and talking about some of the scenes shot there. Sadly Gunnar passed away in 2015.

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