Since we are probably going to be wearing masks for a while, why not make them as cool and functional as possible?

Never in a million years did I expect that it would be required to wear face masks in public. However, that's what 2020 brought us. To add on to that, I also never expected myself to be so thrilled to get a face mask for Christmas, but my girlfriend bought me a Project Rock Under Armour Mask and I still brag about that. It's just crazy that this is our new reality.

It's a reality that we will have to live with for a while, one would assume. Face masks will evolve to become more functional for our everyday life. Case in point, one company has created anew mask that comes with built-in noise-cancelling earbuds and a mic, which means you can easily and safely make calls without sounding muffled by your face mask.

The MaskFone from Binatone features a Bluetooth headset inside, which allows users to speak to people on the phone without that annoying muffled sound. It will also probably make people around you think that you are talking to them, when in reality, you're just on the phone. The mask also comes with earbuds that are attached to the straps, and there are buttons for playing, pausing and controlling the volume.


As far as the hygiene side of things go, a replaceable N95 filter, and the mask fabric itself is machine washable. One would assume that you can take off the tech side of things to give it the proper wash after use.

Personally, I think this thing sounds great! We're talking about 12 hours of playtime, plus hands-free calls, and it's IPX5 water resistant too. It even works with voice controls: press the voice activation button and it'll wake compatible assistants including Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. The MaskFone face mask goes for $49.99. To some, that might sound like a hefty price, but when you think about it, you are using masks every day, why not get one with added benefits, right? I'd buy one!

To find out more about this new face mask and how to order one, you can visit their website by clicking here.


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