Rose Island was once a thriving amusement park in southern Indiana, but was abandoned after a devastating flood in 1937. Now you can hike through the abandoned park.

Two decades before our very own Tri-State favorite theme park, Holiday World opened their doors, there was an amusement park called Rose Island. In 1923 a businessman from Louisville named David Rose purchased the property where the now abandoned Rose Island sits. According to, Rose purchased the property so he could build the amusement park along with a zoo, a swimming pool, cottages, and more. Rose Island was a hit with the public when it first opened.

Of course if you know history, you know this was just a few years before the Great Depression began in America.  Once the Great Depression hit, Rose Island's business slowed as people didn't have much funds for entertainment.  Then in 1937 there was a massive flood which devastated the amusement park and it was abandoned.

The land is now a part of Charlestown State Park, who added a walking path, along with informational signs throughout the path.  Take Trail 7, as you hike along you'll eventually come across what remains of the abandoned Rose Island amusement park.

Charlestown State Park is not a far drive from the Tri-State, as it's about 2 hours from Evansville.

You can check out a video tour of Rose Island below!

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