If you've got a Bradford Pear tree on your property, destroying it can get you a new, native tree.

 Vanderburgh Co. CISMA (Cooperative Invasive Species Managment Area) wants to spread awareness, and native trees! They have a program going on, that wants your Bradford Pear in exchange for a new native tree.  If you have a Bradford Pear on your property they will give you a free native tree as a reward for the destruction of your Bradford Pear.

Did you know the Bradford Pear is an invasive species? According to Indiana Department of Natural Resources, the Bradford Pear is invasive and they urge Indiana residents to consider a native tree instead when looking to plant a tree.

According to the Vanderburgh Co. CISMA's Facebook post the native trees will be distributed in April.  If you'd like more information you can contact them on their social media, or call your county's Soil and Water Conservation District.


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