I have to credit two WBKR listeners with the idea for this story.  First, major credit goes to my buddy Brad Jackson, who, last week, made us absolutely howl with video of himself Sweatin' to the Oldies in his living room right alongside Richard Simmons.  And I have to give another big shout out to Erinn Williams, who, Monday when she commented on my Chad's Quarantine Confessions blog, mentioned that she planned to "search YouTube for old Tae Bo videos" because "it’s time to bring Billy Blanks back into my life."  Well, she inspired me to do the same and, yesterday afternoon, I brought Billy back into my life too.  I moved the coffee table, made sure all the dogs were on the couch and out of kicking range and exercised to this . . .

And I'll confess it.  I forgot how much of an absolute warrior Billy was.  I sweated by freaking face off.  I was a hot, ripe mess after I finished that video.  And, I was quickly reminded that this body was not built for roundhouse kicks.  That was a disaster.  But, at least I burned some calories trying.

Now, if you want to follow Brad Jackson's lead and do some Sweatin' to the Oldies, you can watch this.  Here's the video Brad was exercising to in his Ohio County living room.

Working out to Billy Blanks and Richard Simmons got me thinking about other classic work out series.  How about this blast from the past?  Jane Fonda's Workout!  Remember this?

Here's another.  Remember Denise Austin?  Angel does and used to work out with her all the time.  She had a popular exercise video series called Boot Camp Total Body Blast.

And, who remembers this one?  Chalene Johnson was the mastermind behind Turbo Jam, which claimed to be able to help you "Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days!"

And, yes!  My friend Vicki Ellis heard us talking about these videos on air and mentioned this one.  I almost forgot about Gilad's Bodies in Motion.

So, there you go, Gang!  A  bunch of classic workout videos to get you moving and keep you in shape during our efforts to maintain social distancing.  Oh, and if we missed any other classic exercise videos, make sure you let us know!


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