Way back in 2018 (Seems like a million years ago) I stepped out of my comfort zone, and did a Boudoir session with Simply Savvy Photography. If you've ever met me or had a conversation with me, you probably picked up on the fact that I'm more goofy than sexy. And even when I'm trying to be sexy-ish, I wind up doing something goofy.

I agreed to do the photo session, because it was technically for work, but I had to really talk myself into it. At first I was like - Oh yes, that sounds exciting! Then reality set in, and I thought maybe I should get a few more workouts in or fast for a week, before being half naked on camera. That was just crazy talk in my head.

Looking back at the pictures now, I'm proud of them! If you've been thinking about doing a Boudoir session, I say go for it. I mean, if my awkward self can look this good, you will absolutely rock it out.

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