The coronavirus is all over the news nowadays. It's gotten people very concerned about the potential of this virus. Now, things are about to go to another level of concerning.

Apparently, you can catch the coronavirus from someone's flatulence. Yes, if someone who had the virus were to cut the cheese in front of you, there's a chance that you could, in fact, catch the coronavirus.

I know, it sounds kind of humorous, but this isn't a joke. Health officials in Beijing have confirmed that this is possible. The good news is that while it is entirely possible for you to catch the coronavirus from someone's fart, it's not very likely for two reasons.

  1. You would have to get a good, close sniff. How close exactly? The article doesn't really specify. Maybe if you're riding in a car with the windows up?
  2. The person would have to be naked from the waist down. Pants and underwear act as a "fart shield"

It's safe to say that farts will not transmit the novel coronavirus, so long as everyone is wearing their pants. It's best to avoid places where pants aren't being worn like nude beaches. However, if the infected patient were not wearing their pants, and they were to break wind before you and you happen to take a close hard sniff, it's entirely possible you might get infected...and have a terrible stench lingering in your nostrils.

In all seriousness, the coronavirus is something that the CDC says "Americans should prepare for serious disruptions to their lives from the coronavirus here at home." It is something that we all should be aware of and know the signs and symptoms.

(Source: Global Times)

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