Know what was numero UNO priority for me today, February 8, 2021? GETTING MY DAUGHTER ENROLLED IN SUMMER CAMP! Starting today, YMCA members can register their kids for summer camp and non-members can start registering on February 22nd.

When I was a kid, my mom stayed at home so I spent each summer playing with the same toys over and over, watching the same VHS movies over and over, and riding my bike over the same two friends' houses over and over. Things got really lit when we got our three-foot mini pool and the constant stream of horseflies really made things interesting. Don't get me wrong, summers were still magical and I'd give anything to go back even for a day or two but my daughter's summers are just way cooler.

My daughter has been attending the YMCA Summer Day Camp for a couple years now and she really enjoys it. In the past, they took fieldtrips four days each week (including one pool day) and stayed in and played games on the day they didn't travel. Last summer, because of COVID, they didn't travel but stayed in (separated by class) and did lots of projects. She said that she enjoyed it just as much as the summer before. She even has her special camp friends that she looks forward to seeing whenever there's a Y camp. I'm not sure how they plan on scheduling this summer but either way, she had a great time and the staff is always awesome at making the kids feel comfortable and entertained all summer long.

There are various sites all around the Evansville area for both summer day camps for ages 5-9 and Movin' On camps for kids 10-12. You can choose one week of camp or the whole summer. Financial assistance applications are also available.

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The Y is also looking for camp counselors and camp site directors. It's a great summer job for those who enjoy the company of kids! Check out the brochure here:

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