So it was only a few days ago, I was complaining about how cold it was on Facebook. Well thanks to that Southern Indiana magic, summer came in and pretty much shut me up. So its here, humidity and all. What's there to do to keep cool?

1. Ice Cold Beer

For the over 21 crowd, nothing keeps you cool like some ice cold beer. Cause I'm classy, here is a map of local liquor stores thanks to Google. You can find pretty much anything on Google. Coors has the handy temperature markers. But Bud Light lets you write on the bottle. Marketing gimmicks, how you get me!

2. Pools!

Okay so its not going to be like a beer commercial with twins in bikinis everywhere.  But its a large body of water, and that's all you need on a summer day. Evansville parks have a number of pools, with a few of them renovated. Burdette has a huge aquatic center and is located just outside of the city limits.

3. Amusement Parks

It looks like all honors are going to go to Holiday World on this one. Gas is expensive this summer. So it makes sense to keep the road trip short. Six Flags in Louisville has shut down, and the nearest park besides HW is in St. Louis.

4. The Movies

I have no idea who manufactures the units for our local cinemas, but its like an hour and a half hike on Everest. As you sit there shivering, eating Sno Caps in a desperate attempt to build up body fat, know you are beating the 95 degree heat outside. Plus you get to enjoy that one movie everyone is going to ruin by quoting it 24/7.

5. Paying Vectren, or other energy company

Face it. Its going to be hot. And since we can't all have movie theater quality a/c units, we're going to be paying. I hear eBay is a nice way to make money. So just get ready to bury the needle down in 60 land. Or go my route and switch the thing to Celsius. 23 degrees never felt so good!

So what else is there to do to keep cool during the Long Hard Summer? Leave your ideas below. Make them good!