Microsoft is doubling the number of free hits you get with an Xbox Live subscription for April's Games With Gold, including Child of Light, Terraria and more.

The Xbox Wire has announced what games Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be getting for free throughout April. All-month-long, Xbox One owners will be able to download Pool Nation FX and Child of Light. Child of Light is a gorgeous, watercolored RPG that tells the story of Auror, who must save the world of Lemuria in a beautiful fairy tale-like story. Pool Nation FX is all about making billiards as real-looking and authentic as it can get.

Microsoft is doubling the number of Xbox 360 games you normally get each month and increasing the quality in the games that you get. For the first half of the month, from April 1-15, you can download Terraria and Gears of War: Judgment for free as long as you have an Xbox Live Gold account. Terraria is a massive sandbox world where you must mine and face enemies. Gears of War: Judgment acts a prequel to the Marcus Fenix story, focusing on Damon Baird and Cole Train in the early days of the E-Day war against the Locust.

For the second half of the month, from April 16-31, you can download Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Black Flag continues Ubisoft's amazing time-travelling story of the Assassin and Templar war set in the Caribbean with a pirate motif. The Devil's Cartel is a third-person shooter that focuses on cooperative gunplay while you face off against the maniacal La Guadana cartel.

Make sure you get BioShock for your Xbox 360 along with Rayman Legends and #IDARB for your Xbox One before they're gone on March 31 as last month's free Games With Gold.

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