WWE Smackdown Superstar Ricochet stopped in to talk with Kat Mykals ahead of tonight's live-televised event at Evansville's Ford Center. [Listen to the full interview below]

WWE Superstar Ricochet

I had the opportunity to sit down this morning and chat with WWE Smackdown Superstar Ricochet before the show tonight at Ford Center in downtown Evansville. Weighing in at nearly 200 pounds, Ricochet is 'quicker than a hiccup' with his high-flying, super-fast, and agile action in the ring.

Backyard Shenanigans

He shared with us how his love of wrestling got started and tells a great story about being a kid and playing with friends on the trampoline. Those backyard shenanigans paid off as he got older. He tells us how in the early years of his career, he was wrestling every week at Evansville's Coliseum.

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Newly Engaged

In January, Ricochet proposed to WWE ring announcer, and his now fiance, Samantha Irvin. He tells us in the interview that they are looking at a date in September 2024 and they want to have a big celebration.

We want to make it a fun experience for everybody... Obviously, it's for us, but we want the food to be good. We want the music to be good. We want everything to be good and we want to make it a huge party to celebrate everybody. I'm so excited. I could talk about it all day.

Muscles and Macros

He and Samantha both work out and they frequently do it together. When asked about his diet, and how much protein he eats in a day, he shared his macros with us. He also talks about cheat meals, and the frequency of eating chicken and rice.

I get 85 grams of fat, like 300... 310, give or take, grams of carbs and I do like 270 grams of protein in a day and that's only been recently because again I work out so much, and I am trying to gains a little bit of weight as well.

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Musically Eclectic

As an audiophile, I always love to find out what my guests are listening to. I especially love to learn their secret guilty pleasure songs. As it turns out Ricochet doesn't have any - he just likes what he likes. He grew up with a dad who was a DJ for weddings and school dances and he was exposed to a lot of different music growing up.

My music taste is so all over the place. Like I said, I could listen to Kill Switch and Metallica and if it's on shuffle, the next song could be an NSYNC song, the next song could be a Stevie Wonder Song...

When asked if he has a guilty pleasure song here admitted this:

I'll be karaoking Miley Cyrus. I don't really have a guilty pleasure anymore because if I like it I just kind of like it.

The Fans

As WWE continues on its Road to Wrestlemania, he shares his experience and enthusiasm for the fans.

It's the WWE universe - Obviously, the performers and the superstars bring a specific energy, but man, the WWE Universe... as soon as the show starts, it's been crazy. Especially recently. Start to finish the crowds have been out of control... intense... in the best way possible.

Hear the entire interview below.

Get Tickets

Get tickets for tonight's WWE Smackdown event live at Ford Center in downtown Evansville, Indiana. They are available at Ford Center Box Office and through Ticketmaster.

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