It’s safe to say that we are all chomping at the bit to get out of our homes and socialize with friends and family.  However, it’s uncertain when will that will actually happen.  So, to pass the time, we are obsessing over a man and his tigers, ordering all kinds of take-out and trying not to go stir crazy.  Don’t you just want it to last forever….?

For some this really doesn’t sound too bad.  Billboard recently did a study to gage just how much media/entertainment we are now consuming.  I won’t bore you with those numbers but just know they are higher than before the pandemic.  The numbers that I will share are ones that reflect the number of people who don’t want to give up their newfound stay-at-home lifestyle.  Billboard found that one out of six people are more than okay with remaining socially distant.

Here’s how I see this…I think it has more to do with work environment over lifestyle.  If you are able to do your job sufficiently and enjoy the freedom to leave whenever you want it’s the best of both worlds.  When the dust starts to settle from this pandemic, I think people will reevaluate the necessity of going into the office every day.  I mean working from your comfy couch and still going out to karaoke on Thursday nights sounds pretty good.  Or I could be totally wrong and we all will be running and screaming out the door the first chance we get.

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