After a year and a pandemic that shut down the entire entertainment industry for months, 2021 marked the return of something close to a normal release calendar of theatrical films. Even amidst some of the most challenging circumstances in the history of the medium, 2021 was a great year for movies.

But, to quote Joe E. Brown, nobody’s perfect.

The return of movies also meant the return of bad movies in a big way. You might have thought, given how long some of these titles sat on a shelf waiting for a release because of the pandemic, that their creators might have kept working on them, tweaking their storylines, refining their edits, fine-tuning their humor.

You would have thought wrong! Then again, all the extra time and money in the world couldn’t have fixed a few of these titles, which were among the biggest creative bombs in recent memory. Our picks for the worst of the worst of 2021, ranked from the almost watchable to the epically, historically crummy, are...

The Worst Movies of 2021

There were plenty of great movies in 2021. And also a ton of stinkers.
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The Best TV Shows Of 2021

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