Ever want to catch a glimpse of the Grey Lady?  This may be your best chance. 


Willard Library has a rich history in Evansville, and is home to the area's most famous spirit, the Grey Lady! Sightings of the Grey Lady began in 1930 in Willard Library and ever since then strange happenings and even apparitions have been spotted in the library.

Now you can have the chance to encounter the Grey Lady yourself! Willard Library is hosting their annual Grey Lady Ghost Tours again this year. You can have the chance to go on the following dates:

  • Thursdays in October the 10th,17th, and 24th
  • Fridays in October the 11th,18th, and 25th
  • Saturdays in October the 12th, 19th, and 26th

The tours run about 45 minutes each and are free, but you do have to reserve your spot on the tour.  Click here to reserve your ghost tour!


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