I love all the new Marvel movies and shows that are coming out. But the #1 thing I want Marvel to make from comic to screen (big or small) they have no inkling of doing. Here's why they should GET ON THIS...


I love the Avengers franchise. It's great. But a lot of contracts are slowly coming to a close (Chris Evans, Robert Downy Jr.). And after Infinity War, I'm not sure where else they can go with this current group of Avengers.


My suggestion? Bring in the Young Avengers.


All of the current Marvel shows and movies are basically already setting it up! Now would be the perfect opportunity to do it.


Example: My favorite Young Avenger, Kate Bishop, is Hawkeye's replacement. Clint in the movies keeps talking about wanting to retire. Who better to take over for him than his actual successor in the comics, Kate Bishop?? Also, Kate Bishop's origin story involves Jessica Jones. After getting ambushed in Central Park, Kate wants to learn how to defend herself and enlists the help of my favorite Netflix hero, Jessica Jones.


See? We're already set up to introduce her! SO JUST DO IT ALREADY, MARVEL!


Other characters that are ready to be introduced?


Hulkling/Teddy Altman. He's half Kree. Remember the Kree? From Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Ronan the Accuser, from Guardians of the Galaxy? And the upcoming Inhumans series will delve into the Kree storyline and history as well.


Patriot/Eli Bradley. Grandson of Isaiah Bradley, a man who was given an early form of the super soldier serum in WWII. We know ALL about super soldiers.


Wiccan/Billy Kaplan and Speed/Thomas Shepherd. The twin sons of Scarlet Witch and Vision. I've seen some photos of the Infinity War set...The Scarlet Witch/Vision relationship is HAPPENING. (Also, their background is a little complicated. It involves a lot of reincarnation, alternate realities, and another Vision. I've REALLY simplified their backstory by just saying "sons of Scarlet Witch and Vision"...)


Stature/Cassie Lang. We've already met her in Ant-Man!


Kid Loki. That's right, Loki is a Young Avenger. Why? Well, he was killed and then reincarnated and trapped in a young boys body. He's still Loki, up to his tricks and secret agendas, just younger.


Other Young Avengers:


Miss America/America Chavez. She can literally kick a hole into the universe. This chick is badass. But mysterious. Not much is known of her origins...


Iron Lad/Nate Richards. Models his suit after Iron Man's. Is the whole reason the Young Avengers are formed.



The plot of vol. 1 is essentially set up just like a tv show and has an AMAZING ENDING that I WILL NOT SPOIL...no matter HOW MUCH I WANT TO.


The essential plot of volume #1 is: 30th century scholar Nathaniel Richards finds out that he is destined to grow up to be the super villain Kang the Conqueror. He is not a fan of this. So he goes back in time to create the Young Avengers for the sole purpose of preventing himself from becoming Kang and/or stopping his future evil self from killing millions and destroying the world. (Again, I've simplified it. Don't want to give away too many key plot points in case this show actually does happen, or you want to read the comics. Which I highly recommend.)


And what would a tv show be without ships? (Relationships)


You want a 'love/hate', 'will they/won't they' ship? Look no further than Hawkeye/Patriot. You want the most adorable teenage gay couple to ever grace your presence? Wiccan/Hulkling will melt your heart.


Young Avengers is essentially a tv show storyboard. It's already there. Connections to current Marvel movies and tv shows have been made. AND I'M JUST SITTING OVER HERE WONDERING WHEN MARVEL IS GOING TO NOTICE THIS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.


Sorry I yelled.


I just get really passionate about comics.

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