The price is...$666.

The Price is Right is a game show that's been around for years. In fact it's been around since 1972 (and sometimes I'm not sure the set has even been updated since then).  However many were thrown for a loop the other day when a demon named George took the stand and bid $666.

It turns out George (which is the least scary demon name ever) was a part of a marketing campaign.  It wasn't some weird person who just was trying to get some air time, he was a part of a commercial.  The CBS show, Evil, had a clever way to make it look like George was a part of The Price is Right, but really it was still a part of the ad.  During The Price is Right, commercials aired, the last commercial was for Evil, it then cut to the clip of George bidding $666 on The Price is Right, then immediately the screen cut, and it went right back into the episode of The Price is Right.

Honestly, it's a smart way to get people talking!

You can see how it all played out in the video below.

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