I'm not saying they sound the same, but there are some similarities.

I know. Saying ANY band is like Van Halen is kind of blasphemous. NO band is like Van Halen. How dare I even TRY to compare them to anyone else!

What I mean by Three Days Grace being this generations Van Halen is that both bands generated two different groups of fans during their couriers.

Ask any Van Halen fan: if they are a fan they are either a "Sam Haggar/Van Halen" fan or a "David Lee Roth/Van Halen" fan. Sure, they like Van Halen as a whole, but if this was down to a Thunderdome scenario, they have their ride or die lead singer in their hearts.

Some people, when you ask if they are a fan, will specifically tell you "Oh yeah, I love Van Halen. David Lee Roth/Van Halen, though."

There is a metaphorical wall in people's minds that makes Van Halen two different bands depending on the lead singer.

And that is what Three Days Grace is becoming.

They started out with Adam Gontier and established a great fan base. Then Adam left the band in 2013.

After that, Matt Walst took over. And, while the band is still Three Day Grace, their sound has change a bit, and because of that they are bringing in a new generation of fans.

There are people out there who are 100% Adam/3DG fans who refuse to acknowledge that anything after Transit of Venus happened. But there are also people out there who discovered 3DG with Matt, so while they appreciate the original sound of 3DG with Adam, Matt just has a special place in their hearts because he introduced them to this new sound.

And THAT is what I mean when I say Three Days Grace is this generations Van Halen. This is a band for a new generation to debate over. Is Adam better? Is Matt better? Are they both equally as good? Everyone has their own opinion on it, but that metaphorical "wall" is definitely there with Three Days Grace just as it is with Van Halen.

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