There is no better time than NOW to introduce the next generation of Avengers.

Marvel recently said that they'd like to try their hand at a "new franchise beyond Avengers" but this new franchise "doesn't mean you won't see more Avengers down the road."

And this got me thinking: I've been wanting a live action Young Avengers series for years, and I think now is the PERFECT time to do it.

Here's why it would be perfect: It's a next generation story. Essentially, who is going to pick up what mantles when these heroes we know now are ready to retire.

(Slight SPOILERS ahead if you haven't seen INFINITY WAR)

The Young Avengers formed in the first place after a MAJOR EVENT shook up the Avengers team and KILLED MANY MEMBERS. After which, the Scarlet Witch has a nervous breakdown, more bad stuff happens...And this is kind of sounding like Infinity War, isn't it?

Also some of the members of Young Avenges would be PERFECT TO INTRODUCE RIGHT NOW.

Iron Lad: The next generation Iron Man. BUT while he looks like a teen Iron Man, he is NOT. In the comics he is not related to Tony Stark in any way...But Infinity War hinted that there might be a Tony Jr in our near future? So...

Hulkling: Looks like a teen version of the Hulk, but he's actually the half-Kree son of Captain Marvel, Mar-vell. Who will be introduced in the movie that's coming out next year, CAPTAIN MARVEL.

Patriot: Grandson of Isaiah Bradley, who was part of the super soldier experiment and was an alternate universe Captain America. I don't know if Marvel is ready for "alternate timelines" in movies, but you could easily say one of the super soldier experiments from SHIELD or Hydra survived and had a family... Also, his costume is modeled after Bucky's.

Speed & Wiccan: Twin sons of Scarlet Witch and Vision.

Hawkeye (Kate Bishop): She takes over the Hawkeye mantle after Clint retires. And who's been trying to retire the past couple of movies? Oh, right, CLINT BARTON. (Side note: She was also trained first by Jessica Jones. So you could introduce Kate in season 3, Marvel. I'm just saying...)

Stature (Cassie Lang): Scott Lang's daughter. Hey! We've met her! And there's a rumor going around that an older teen version of Cassie will be in Avengers 4. (Please, nerd gods, let this rumor be true...)

Vision (Jonas): The second Vision.

Kid Loki: It's still Loki. But he' trapped in the body of a young boy after his death and reincarnation. I'm not saying Infinity War set this up perfectly, but I'm not saying it DIDN'T either...

That is 9 of the 12 original members of the Young Avengers and their storylines are at the opportune time to be started right now in the next phase of Marvel movies.

Hell, I'd even take a Netflix show. The first volume of comics is set up perfectly for a tv series.

EVERYONE WANTS THIS. Fanfilms and fake trailers are all over Youtube, like this one.

Please make our dreams a reality, Marvel. Since you've crushed our previous ones. (YEAH I'M STILL SAD ABOUT INFINITY WAR. WHO ISN'T??)

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