You might think celebrating the flag would be a day for July 4th. But here's why we celebrate the stars and stripes on June 14th.

Flag Day is one of those patriotic days that, when you stop and think about it, you might say to yourself, "Shouldn't we celebrate the flag on Independence Day? You know, when we celebrate the birth of America's Independence?"

You'd think that. But it turns out the American flag has a separate birthday. June 14th.

You see, June 14th, 1777 was the day that the Continental Congress finally came to the agreement that the Stars and Stripes would be our nations official flag.

The flag itself had been around for almost an entire year at this point*, but on this date they made it official.

*The Congressional Committee gave Betsy Ross a design they wanted for a flag in May of 1776. She finished the first flag a month later.

The number of stars and stripes have changed over the years, of course. And the pattern in which the stars were placed wasn't formalized for a long time.

But now we have our 13 stripes (to represent our original 13 colonies) and our 50 stars (to represent our 50 states) that we celebrate the birth of on June 14th.

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