Well, well, well, this is ominous...

Some of our on-air staff went to go participate in the Make-A-Wish Golf Scramble yesterday at the Evansville Country Club. And despite the on and off sprinkles, it was really fun.

Except for this one hole...

You see, there are various parts of the course that are on the edge of some woods. Beautiful scenery. UNTIL YOU GET CLOSER.

We were making our way to get our balls on one of the holes and I just so happened to look to my left, and I saw THIS...

Chynna Hall

WHY IS THIS HERE? Just SITTING THERE. Looking all decrepit and creepy??


(If I do, you are all my witnesses and you know why.)

Luckily, Samara didn't come out of it and do her creepy twitchy Thriller dance, so I think I'm okay.

Have you ever found anything strange on a property where it just didn't belong? LIKE A REALLY CREEPY WELL NEXT TO A GOLF COURSE??