Today is Friday the 13th, which is known to be an unlucky day.  Today is not only Friday the 13th, but Friday the 13th, 2020.  We all know what a colossal stress this year has already been, now add in the unluckiest date of the year, and it's got us all a little on edge. But why is Friday the 13th so unlucky?

It turns out there's even a name for people who are afraid of the date, Friday the 13th, and it's called paraskavedekatriaphobia, try saying that three times fast (or honestly even one time).  According to part of the reason people may be afraid of Friday the 13th, has more to do with the number 13, as it's been seen as an "unlucky" number for some reason.  They believe part of it has to do with the fact it comes after 12, which 12 seems to show up a lot in  our culture. Think 12 days of Christmas, 12 months in a year, 12 zodiac signs etc... also points out that the association of Friday with the 13th date dates back before the infamous slasher movie, and actually to the early 1900's.  In 1907 a novel titled Friday, the Thirteenth by Thomas William Lawson came out, and it tells the story of a stockbroker who uses superstition to create chaos on Wall Street.  Then of course that's followed by the 1980 slasher hit, Friday the 13th. outlines many other interesting reasons we may be afraid of the date Friday the 13th, and it's a pretty fascinating read, check them all out here.

There's also a video I found on YouTube outlining Friday the 13th and why we are afraid of it, you can view it below. Are you superstitious?

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