Why do I keep seeing this dude on TV? Am I missing something? Is he funny, cool, entertaining? Because I just don't see it. His latest appearance forced me off my couch and over to the computer to write this rant.

Did you see this effing idiot on the finale of America's Got Talent? This dude was wearing a freaking turban! Actually, upon closer inspection, it looks more like a headdress that a woman from the 1930's might wear. He has dressed like an idiot all season long, and his outfits (and shoes) continued to get more and more absurd. So I guess wearing a turban was the next logical step.

Sidenote: I don't choose to watch America's Got Talent, but my family digs it and I'm a good dad, so I watch it with them.

But my issue with Cannon goes beyond his horrible taste in clothing, although that doesn't help. My issue is that he just isn't talented. It's ironic, considering the name of the show he hosts. I'll admit that I really dig the movie Drumline. Well, that's not entirely true...I really dig the scenes featuring the bands and drumlines, but that has nothing to do with Cannon. Aside from those scenes, the movie is pretty horrible.

Seriously though, what has this guy done? Why do people keep hiring him? America's Got Talent is a huge show for NBC, and this is the best guy they could find to host? I feel like maybe Cannon has some dirt on the show's producers and he's blackmailing them to let him host. I...JUST...DON'T...GET...IT.

I've hosted/emceed a ton of contests and events over my 20 years in radio. It's one of my favorite things to do in fact. I love to be up on stage interacting with an audience. And you know what, I'm really good at it. Maybe that's why I get so frustrated...because I know I could be a better host than Nick Cannnon...without wearing women's clothing and bedazzled shoes.

I'm being serious when I ask someone to please explain Nick Cannon to me. I would love to hear from someone who thinks he is a talented guy. </rant>