I fell in love with this show last year and you should too! Here are some reasons why you'll love Dirk Gently and why it's kind of the perfect show for the Halloween season.


When I first started watching Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency last year I loved it and I wanted to tell everyone about it. The only problem was I had no idea where to start. The show is a hilarious sci-fi mystery, so the first episode is amazing, but when you get done watching the episode you realize you have 50 questions and no answers. So when I would gush about this show to friends their reaction would be "Okay, cool. So what's it about." And then I'd give them that blank stare that screams "Uhhhhh......" Because where do you even START with this show?


Now that it's a year later and I've seen the entirety of season 1 and got some answers I can (I think) accurately describe the show to people. I think.


First of all it was originally a book series written by Douglas Adams (Yeah, "Hitchhikers Guide" Douglas Adams) So that makes it cool in and of itself.


This show kind of centers around groups of people that are seemingly connected. ("Everything's connected.")


Dirk and Todd:

Todd: An absolutely normal (boring) person who has all this weird stuff start to happen to him because of Dirk Gently. At first, he freaks out. But eventually, he just crosses that "f*** it" line. You know the line. The line where you can continue to panic or just accept it? To quote John Mulaney: "You know those day where you think 'This might as well happen. Adult life is already to g**damn weird...'"

Dirk Gently: What can I say about Dirk Gently. He thinks everything is connected. That fate rules our lives. That when you bump into someone you're meant to bump into that someone because they have a purpose in your life. Also, he's a holistic detective that might have once worked for the CIA? His past is a little fuzzy. But don't worry. "Everything's connected".



Bart and Ken:

Ken: Another absolutely normal (boring) person who has all this weird stuff start to happen to him because of Bart. She kind of kidnaps him and threatens him. But don't worry! "Everything's connected".

Bart: She's a holistic assassin that is bound and determined to kill Dirk Gently. Also, the universe won't let her die.



The Rowdy 3 (and Amanda):

Actually made up of 4 people...and then 5...

They created chaos that is seemingly pointless. But it's okay. Because "everything's connected".

Amanda is Todd's sister. (See? It's all connected...)



The Police and the FBI and the CIA and Farah Black:

Honestly, most of them are just trying to do their jobs. ...Most of them...



There's also a dog, that's actually a person and a kitten that's actually a shark and a weird cult....(It get's explained. Don't think about it too hard.)





It's one of those shows that you watch the first episode of and you can't stop watching because there are too many questions that you HAVE to have answers to. And every episode leaves you going "WTF?" but the very last episode FINALLY explains everything and you understand that everything really IS connected!


It's weird. It's funny. It's sci-fi. It's got some slight time travel. And I think the first season is the perfect thing to binge-watch for the Halloween season. Especially since season 2 premieres on October 14th and it looks even stranger than season 1. Also, Alan Tudyk is in this coming season, so you know it's gonna be good.






Season 1 is available to binge on Netflix and Hulu! So join me in the confusing weirdness that is Dirk Gently!

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