Two cult classics, two famous characters, one famous man.

In the interest of curiosity, I went on a short Google adventure this past weekend and hit a miniature gold mine. It was the first time that my kids actually sat through an entire showing of the Tim Burton classic, 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', which is one of my all time favorite "kid's" movies. As I watched the movie for about the 100th time, it occurred to me that I really liked Jack's voice. So, I thought, why not Google it?

Oh my gosh, folks. Guess what? I was shocked to find out who voiced Jack Skellington, because he's in another one of my favorite movies that you would never, ever think would have any connection at all.

Get ready, because Jack Skellington is voiced by Susan Sarandon's first husband, Christopher Sarandon!

Who is Christopher Sarandon you ask? He's the voice of Jack Skellington, but he is also...wait for it…

Prince Humperdinck in 'The Princess Bride' which, coincidentally, turns 30 years old this year!

What the eff, man? How did I go my entire adult life not knowing this? My mind was blown, and now so is yours, presumably. Two characters who couldn't be any different, and both played by the same guy.

Prince of Halloween, and Prince of Evil, but not the Prince of Darkness, Chris Sarandon.

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