Earth Day is coming's Monday, April let's take a look at which states are the most eco-friendly. I can tell you right now that when it comes to the Tri-State, Illinois can hold their head up high, while Indiana and Kentucky need to step up their 'green' game!

The folks at are back with another comprehensive report. If you enjoy reading a bunch of sciency-type stuff, you can check out their methodology to find out how they compiled the list.

So how are we doing here in the Tri-State? Illinois certainly has room to improve, but they are at least in the top half, landing at #22 on the list. Kentucky and Indiana, however, are riding on the 'green' struggle bus! The Hoosier state comes in at #40 while the Bluegrass state is way down at #48. The map below shows how the rest of the country scored (just scroll over the states).

Source: WalletHub

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