When I was on vacation in Miami back in March, I learned that I could make all the u-turns I wanted to down there. I busted u-ies all over Hallendale Beach just for the heck of it. When in Rome, right? 

There are a lot of laws that us Hoosiers probably break every day. According to Dumblaws.com if you choose to put on a puppet show, do a wire dance, or tumbling act and recieves money for it, you will be fined $3. So not only did that toga-dude at the Super Bowl sacrifice his groin, but also three McDoubles.

The state legislature has also said that the value of Pi is 3. Screw what those smarty Greeks or high school teachers think, you better listen to what a bunch of old dudes with too much money and no common sense say. Can we outlaw calculus while we're at it?

And if you ever got excited in your pants, out in public, that's illegal in Indiana too. So if you're planning on pitching a tent with your Levi's, you better take that indoors. And you better warn the girlfriend, oral sex is also illegal in Indiana.

Some laws you probably already knew about. It is illegal to sell a car on Sunday in Indiana. It is also illegal to sell cold beer at a grocery store. But on the flip side of that, liquor stores cannot sell cold soda or milk. So your plans to pick up a fifth of Jack and a gallon of 2% in one trip, isn't going to happen.

One law that I find really interesting, you can get out of paying for a dependent's medical bill by praying for them. Try that the next time your insurance bills you for little Johnny's care. I would be very interested to see that challenged in court.

And finally with all the belly aching about Evansville's new smoking ban, you should be interested to know that smoking is also banned in the state legislature building. But that only applies when the legislature is not in session. So while they're changing mathematics, they can also light up a fat stogie.

But seriously though, the oral sex one, FOR REAL???