It's tax day...duh, duh, duuuuuuuuuh!!! Businesses around town are offering some freebies in honor of this joyous occasion.

Here is a list of places you can go today to get some sort of tax day special. Some of these deals are pretty straight forward and free with no strings attached. Others require a coupon. And others require you to buy something first.


  • What:  $1 Margaritas
  • When: All month long (April)


  • What:  $5 Cherry Blossom Margaritas
  • When:  All month long (April)


  • What: One free kids meal
  • When: April 14 to April 17
  • How: An adult purchase of $10 or more

Planet Fitness

  • What: A free HydroMassage
  • When: April 14 to April 21
  • How: Bring in the coupon, which will be available April 14

Office Max/Office Depot


  • What: Free sausage biscuit
  • When: April 17, 7 am to 10 am
  • How: Say the password "made from scratch" when ordering

Great American Cookies

  • What: One free cookies & cream cookie
  • When: April 17

Schlotzky's Deli

  • What: A free small original sandwich
  • When: April 17
  • How: Purchase chips and a medium drink


  • What: Two free Cinnabon bites
  • When: April 17

Chuck E. Cheese's

  • What: One free, large cheese pizza
  • When: April 17 to April 19
  • How: Purchasing any large pizza

[Source:  Business Insider]

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