I asked you what your favorite place to eat was before going to a concert, and you made me hungry just reading the answers!

Yesterday on our 103GBF Facebook page I asked

Concert food

Because I never know where to eat. Do I stay downtown? Do I go somewhere on the East Side? West Side? WHERE DO I FOOD BEFORE A DAMN LOUD ROCK SHOW???

Luckily you all had some great suggestions:

  • The Rooftop
  • Turoni's
  • Anywhere on Franklin St.
  • Bru Burger
  • Deer Head
  • Wolf's BBQ
  • Mojo's Boneyard
  • The Junction
  • Eat at home to save money
  • Your mom's house (Jokes on you, my mom makes the BEST food. So thanks for the suggestion.)

Someone also said "Not Backstage", which made me laugh. But it's also kind of true. I LOVE Backstage Bar & Grill. They have the BEST buffalo cheese dip. But trying to go there before a concert at the Ford Center is difficult because they are PACKED AS HELL. So if you do go to Backstage, make sure to get there super early to beat the crowd!

Let's keep the going! Where do YOU like to eat before a Ford Center concert?

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