This morning, my dog Bruiser went bananas running crazy around the house. My grandma had a name for the burst of energy dogs get when they tuck and run - she called it "chowing." Lots of people call it getting the "zoomies" or "crazies" but there's an actual name for the phenomenon. It's called "Frenetic Random Activity Periods" or FREP for short.

I love it when he gets in these moods. It's pretty hilarious but he's also a whopping 10 lbs and can't harm too much. When our 100 lb Akita was younger and wanted to bound through the house, we had to let him outside to make sure he didn't break any legs or furniture.

I was curious what causes my dog to get the zoomies. They get wild-eyed, tuck their behind, turn in circles, and run at top speed. According to, dogs experience FREP when they are really excited, bursting with energy, or if they are in great stress. It's basically a dog's way to regulate their really big emotions. And it mostly happens in younger dogs. Older dogs just don't have the energy or aren't as apt to have big emotional reactions.

I try not to put my dog in any stress so hopefully his zoomies are only outward expressions of joy! Here are some other fun names my friends call their dog's FREPing:

  • Race horsing
  • Crazy laps
  • Circusing

What's your name for FREPing?

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