Wondering whether or not we're in for a nasty winter? You may be surprised by what the Old Framer's Almanac is predicting for our area.

People walking down sidewalks in a snow storm in a city

Growing up in the Evansville area as a kid, I remember being told you could predict the winter weather based on how much black the "wooly worms" were sporting or even by whether or not their was a spoon, fork or knife inside the persimmon when you cut it in half. Old Wive's Tales are fun, aren't they?! It turns out that the Old Farmer's Almanac can predict the winter forecast with about 80% accuracy based on a number of various factors. As it turns out, according to the info-map found here, the Evansville area can expect to have a mild and wet winter. Since I am not a fan of frigid temperatures, I am actually relieved by this prediction. Now, whether or not this information will be part of that 80% I mentioned earlier, I guess we'll have to wait and see!







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