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In my family Thanksgiving comes in 2 parts: "Relaxation and family time" and "Battle plans". In the afternoon we eat Thanksgiving dinner and have a good time. At night, we plan our Black Friday. What time do stores open? Who wants what? Who's going where? What time do we need to meet up? Are we getting any sleep tonight? (Probably not.) But the one thing that is the most difficult every year is going through all the ads and trying to figure out which stores open when.

So I decided to help you out and found a comprehensive list of all the store openings this Thanksgiving/Black Friday.

*Side Note: A lot of stores have Black Friday deals going on RIGHT NOW online and in store. You know, if you want to avoid the chaos on Friday.

And here are some excerpts from those lists that you might want to know about:

Note: If a store "opens" on Thanksgiving night and also Black Friday morning, assume that Black Friday deals start at the "Thanksgiving night" time, but the store will close at it's normal business hours if a close time is not specified and will then re-open at the "Black Friday" time.


Best Buy
Thanksgiving night: 5p-1a
Black Friday: 8a-10p


Thanksgiving: 6p-2a
Black Friday: 5a


Thanksgiving: 4p-10p
Black Friday: 6a-10p


Thanksgiving: 2p-12a
Black Friday: 12a-10p
Online Sale: NOW


JoAnn Fabric
Thanksgiving: CLOSED
Black Friday: 6a


Thanksgiving: 5p-12a
Black Friday: 12a-1p
Online Sale: NOW


Thanksgiving: 5p-2a
Black Friday: 6a-10p


Thanksgiving: 6a
Black Friday: 6a


Thanksgiving: CLOSED
Black Friday: 6a


Old Navy
Thanksgiving: 4p
Black Friday: TBD (Check local ads)


Thanksgiving: 6p-12a
Black Friday: 6a


Toys R Us
Thanksgiving: 5p-12a
Black Friday: 12a


Thanksgiving: 6p-12a
Black Friday: 12a



And remember: Be careful. Be courteous. Be kind.

Just because you didn't get the last *insert latest gadget here* on sale, doesn't mean it's the end of the world. The internet exists. Go buy one there.

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