Here's a fun little game, find out which song was number 1 the day you were born! 


I found this website and I thought it was so cool I had to share it with you! Ever wonder what song was number 1 on the charts the day you were born?  Now you can find out, and see what songs were number 1 on your birthday each year too!

Here's how to find out, head over to and plug in your birthdate. It'll show you every song that was number 1 on the charts for each year! The year I was born the number 1 hit was 'Step By Step' by New Kids on the Block (meh).

Here's some notable birthday chart toppers:

  • My sweet 16- Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado
  • My 18th birthday- I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry
  • My 21st- Give me Everything by Pitbull Ft. Ne-Yo
  • This year (my 29th)- Old Town Road by Lil Nas X Ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

Now even though these were the songs that topped the charts on my birthdays, these definitely don't reflect my music taste. In fact most of these songs don't really bring up many memories for me. I mean come on, I was the kid in 4th grade who got in trouble for stealing my mom's Meatloaf- Bat out of Hell album and taking it to a friends house haha!

So while I was a little disappointed in the lack of rock on my list, I realize I was born in 1990 and was a teen through the early 2000's so it wasn't exactly a golden age for music!   I plugged in my parents birthdays (both my mom and dad were born in the 60's) they had much better music topping the charts for their birthdays haha!  For instance on my mom's 18th birthday Pink Floyd's 'The wall' topped the charts.  And on my dad's 28th birthday Bon Jovi's 'Bad Medicine' topped the charts. So there's rock in there somewhere!

So check out your birthday list, and let us know what topped the charts when you were born!





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