New photos were revealed for the Wonder Woman sequel and people have some questions...

Petty Jenkins, director of the Wonder Woman movies, revealed that the Wonder Woman sequel is going to be called Wonder Woman 1984. Because, SURPRISE! It's taking place in 1984.

The bigger twist, though, was that she showed some of the first photos from the movie and STEVE TREVOR, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE???

Didn't you die? Wasn't that why Diana was upset anytime you was brought up in Justice League?

Soooo, what are you doing in 1984?

Theory #1: He's a figment of Diana's imagination. She merely thinks she see's him in a crowd, but then realizes it's her mind playing tricks on her.

Theory #2: Did that magic healing water on Themyscira do something to him? Did it make him immortal like Diana? Or at least make him age slower?

Theory #3: Did he eject from the plane just in time, but upon impact get amnesia? Because if he didn't have amnesia, he would have totally gone back to Diana. Or maybe Diana was so distraught after the war that she went into hiding? Either way, my point is: Steve Trevor somehow managed to survive the explosion (because we never actually saw him pull the trigger and in the plane...) and started a family, and this picture is actually his descendant, Steve Trevor Jr, or Steve Trevor III.

Why do YOU think Chris Pine is back in the sequel playing Steve Trevor??

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