I've spent my entire life around the living, I thought I'd hang out with the dead for a change.


I was having a difficult time this year trying to figure out what I wanted to do for my birthday. I usually don't do anything. Well, I don't plan anything. I'm a "fly by the seat of my pants" kinda girl. Whatever happens to happen on my birthday, I do that.


But this year I really wanted to DO something. Plan something. Go somewhere.


But I couldn't find any events near here that weren't sold out already around that time. So I say back and thought to myself "Self, what do you love this time of year?" "Halloween. Hands down." "Then do something Halloween-y!"


So I decided that I would spend my birthday weekend going to various haunted houses within driving distance. And I don't mean "Old Courthouse/House of Lectre" haunted houses. I mean, legit "Here be ghosts" haunted houses.


So I'm asking you: Where should I spend my birthday?


I've already thought of a few options.


The Rockport Inn
Rockport, Indiana

It's nice. It's quaint. It's haunted.


Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Louisville, KY

Now, I've been here once before and IT. IS. AWESOME. I had so many weird and unexplained experiences and I took some questionable photos as well. I'd love to go here again, but I thought I'd give some other haunts I haven't been to yet a try before I go back to Waverly. You should definitely check it out though.


French Lick Springs Hotel
French Lick, Indiana

If I don't see a ghost at least I'll have a chance at winning some cash while I'm there.


Whispers Estate Bed & Breakfast
Mitchell, Indiana

This place was ranked the "4th Most Terrifying Place In America" by the Travel Channel in 2010. Me likey.




Do you have any suggestions? Ask anyone in the office and they'll tell you: I don't scare easily. And places with gory histories fascinate me. Example: When I went to Waverly and was walking down in the death tunnels, I thought someone from our tour group was behind me. It felt like someone was right behind me. So I turned around to offer them my flashlight, because I didn't want them to be walking around in the dark. And when I turned around.....no one was there. But it still felt like someone was there and that I was mere inches away from them. And what did I do? Well, I let a long pause happen as I let the fact that I was potentially face to face with a ghost or spirit I couldn't see sink in. Then I stuck my hand out and it was freaking freezing. So I pulled my hand back and said "Sorry."   What? Yeah, I apologized to a ghost! What if it was a girl ghost and I accidentally touched her ghost boob?  Anyway, after I potentially felt up a ghost,  I shrugged my shoulders and said ".....okay." and turned back around to catch up with our tour group. I mean, the ghost is dead, he/she doesn't need the flashlight, so, I kept it. And I continued on still feeling like something was right behind me for a good 5 minutes until the feeling eventually went away.


So bring it on! What are some haunted and/or creepy places that I should check out? I ain't afraid of no ghosts!

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