Whenever I ask the question "What is a Millennial?" everyone always has a different answer. Here's my input...


According to some websites, a 'Millennial' is a person that was born between 1982 and 2004. And to that I say: NO.


To ME, a 'Millennial' is someone born in the new millennium. AKA: anyone born from 2000 to now.


This discrepancy bothers me because I don't see myself (a 25 year old) as a 'millennial'. Mainly due to the fact that my mom raised me on everything 80's. So while I am physically 25, my mind thinks that I actually LIVED THROUGH the 80's...So I think I'm a lot older than I am most of the time.


Another thing that bothers me is this:


I went to Kohl's the other day and saw a girl, about 15, pull a shirt from the rack that had a picture of Mr. Roger's on it. She then proceeded to bring it to her mom and say "Hey, mom, who's this?"


And that's when my soul died a little. And from the look in her mother's eyes, her soul died a little too.


THAT is why I don't like being clumped into the category of a 'millennial'. Don't make that girl my equal! SHE DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT ALL THE BEAUTIFUL DAYS IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. WHO DOESN'T KNOW WHO MR. ROGERS IS???


This new generation of millennials is growing up on Kardashian's and not Mr. Rogers and it terrifies me. Also, they probably watched Boohbah's and Teletubbies as infants as well, and that's all just nightmare fuel in itself...


I don't like Millennials.


I try. I honestly try. But usually the first things out of their mouths makes me hate them. And, I know you're not really supposed to 'hate' anyone...but they make it so hard not to.


I was at a checkout counter at a store the other day, and the boy (Yes, BOY) behind the register was like, "I like your shirt! I love the Power Rangers!" And I had a glimmer of hope. I thought, "Finally! A millennial I can like!" But then he finished off the statement with "Yeah, I love all the Power Ranger shows. Except that Mega Morphin whatever one. I never watched the 'old' ones."






HATE. Right back to hate.


First of all, it's MIGHTY Morphin. Second of all, how DARE you disrespect my childhood??


Give me my change so that I may leave this store forever, because you have TAINTED IT.





I guess the point I'm trying to make is, PLEASE...for the love of GOD...I may be YOUNG...But DON'T associate me with these people...and NEVER...EVER...call me a Millennial.

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