It seemed too crazy that Westworld might spoil Season 2 in one fell swoop – and with good reason. Despite some Reddit teasing, Westworld was never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.

Even as Westworld creators Jonah Nolan and Lisa Joy threatened to spoil Season 2 on Reddit, the pair couldn’t resist a good old-fashioned Rickroll. Nolan followed a 1000-upvote Westworld challenge with a 25-minute clip that offers mild spoilers for Season 2, but soon devolves into a familiar tune performed by series stars Evan Rachel Wood and Angela Sarafyan. That’s only the first three minutes, however, as the rest of the video finds an adorable pooch enjoying that Ramin Djawadi score.

It’s worth wondering why showrunners felt the need to lay groundwork for a Reddit joke weeks in advance, as the series still faces legions of fans eager to spoil Season 2. The first season was nonetheless torn apart by relentless theorizing and Westworld does itself few favors poking fun at enthusiastic viewers. And come on, Rickrolls? What year is this? No, seriously – what year?

Time will tell if Westworld plays further games before the April 22 premiere, but stay tuned for the latest.

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