That isn't a spacing issue, they have owls and they're superb! 

barn owl in flight
Getty Images/iStockphoto

This Sunday we have the biggest sporting event of the year the Super Bowl! But I know many aren't too stoked to see another Super Bowl with the Patriots in it, so maybe this year, the Superb Owl will be more your speed?

It's happening this Sunday from 1-1:45PM so plenty of time to go and get your learning on, see an owl make her Super Bowl prediction, and get home in plenty of time to crack open a cold one before the game!

Wesselman Nature Society describe Superb Owl Sunday as::

It's the biggest event of the year...Superb Owl Sunday! Come learn why owls are quite superb, from their talons to their ear tufts. If she's in the mood, Cotton the barn owl will give her prediction for the winner of some football game that's also happening this weekend.

This program is included with regular nature center admission. Seating is limited and no late entry is permitted...hope to see you there!



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