Chances are you have a handful of crazy stories you like to share occasionally, either about yourself, family members, friends, or even random strangers. The more you travel, the more craziness tends to follow, but you don't have to look too far to find a story that makes you say, "What....?"

Here are five stories that happened right here in our home state of Indiana that might just give you that same reaction.


1. The Notre Dame Hot Pocket Hooligan

This past April, police arrested Brian McCurren, a student at Notre Dame, for breaking into a massage parlor, nearly causing a fire, and chowing down on some grub.

According to the salon's owner, McCurren found his way into the salon's kitchen and went through half a box of Hot Pockets, put some microwave mac-and-cheese in the oven, and passed out while eating some Drumsticks ice cream treats. His mac meal set off a smoke alarm which he did not disturb his unconscious state in the least. Police say he admitted to consuming alcohol and smoking synthetic marijuana.

Crazy kids these days...

Moving on...

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2. People Will Try to Sell Anything on E-Bay

David Charles, an Indianapolis resident in his early twenties, was charged with breaking into the Indiana Medical History Museum several times last year and selling human brain tissue that ended up being auctioned on E-Bay.

Yes, it's a true story.

After a number of break-ins at the museum's storage facility, a strange tip put authorities on the right trail. A man from San Diego had purchased six jars of the human brain material but suspected foul play and called the museum after finding their labels on the jars.

Police then tracked the transactions and found a middleman who agreed to a sting operation that resulted in the arrest of David Charles when he arrived to make a transaction with another supply of the human brain matter. 60 more jars were stolen from the museum the day before.

When the bust was made, Charles ended up with charges of theft, marijuana possession, and paraphernalia possession. As for the brain buyer in San Diego, it was said that he just likes to collect odd things.


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3. Cat Got Your Tongue? Nope. Dog Got His Toes!

Ok, this story is pretty gross...

Last summer, Roger Brown of Brazil, Indiana awoke to the feeling of his dog licking his toes...the remaining ones, at least.

According to reports, Brown suffers from diabetes and had a gangrene infection on his foot. His pit bull puppy ended up chewing off two of his toes while he was asleep, but lucky for the dog, it was not viewed as an attack by medical professionals or the family.

Doctors believed that the dog smelled the infection and tried to remove it for his owner, and Brown couldn't feel anything as a result of the infection.

Two more stories to go. I'm down for something less disgusting.

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4. Fourth Meal...It Can Be Addictive

In 2012, Indiana Corrections officer Travis Wilbur was arrested for allegedly trafficking drugs to prison inmates via Taco Bell wrappers in Plainfield, Indiana.

According to reports, he was charged with three felonies; marijuana possession, trafficking with an inmate, and dealing controlled substances.

Wilbur had been employed at the prison for a little over a year when he was caught sneaking in the illegal substances in electrical tape covered in Taco Bell wrappers.

I'm guessing his employment was terminated immediately.

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5. Guitar Hero Grandma

Last year in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Linda Walker was at home with her 5-year-old grandson when three young adult males barged into her house and demanded money...and her TV.

The would-be-robbers said they had a gun, but the observant grandmother didn't see one. So she grabbed her own weapon; a "Guitar Hero" video game controller, and she then proceeded to lay the smackdown upon the young males until they fled with empty hands and extremely bruised egos.

You go, grandma!

So, yeah...Indiana can get kinda weird sometimes.

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