As expected, Jason Bourne topped the box office in its opening weekend, but like so many of the sequels released this summer, the initial numbers aren’t quite what everyone was hoping for. This doesn’t mean we should count out Matt Damon’s return to his most popular character just yet, but it does add more fuel to the “audiences are getting a little picky with the sequels they will pay to see” narrative that has been forming over the past few months.

FilmWeekendPer Screen
1Jason Bourne$60,000,000$14,903$60,000,000
2Star Trek Beyond$24,000,000 (-59.5)$6,110$105,720,000
3Bad Moms$23,400,000$7,278$23,400,000
4The Secret Life of Pets$18,210,000 (-38.5)$4,952$296,177,000
5Lights Out$10,810,000 (-50.2) 
6Ice Age: Collision Course$10,500,000 (-50.9)$2,627$42,109,000
7Ghostbusters$9,800,000  (-53.4)$3,211$106,171,000
9Finding Dory$4,220,000 (-41.7)$2,435$469,012,000
10The Legend of Tarzan$2,405,000 (-63.4)$1,600$121,856,000

That $60 million opening weekend for Jason Bourne is solid on its own, especially for a movie that caters to a slighter older audience and doesn’t feature any superheroes. It’s a significant improvement over the $38 million opening for The Bourne Legacy, which opened in 2012. However, it falls short of the $69 million opening of The Bourne Ultimatum, which arrived almost a decade ago. Unless something goes horribly wrong and the drop-off next week is bigger than normal, Jason Bourne should hit at least $200 million at the domestic box office and prove itself to be a success. It just may not be the juggernaut Universal was hoping for.

Another one of this weekend’s new releases was, in its own way, more successful. Bad Moms opened with $23 million, which is an excellent number for an R-rated comedy that cost only $20 million to produce. If the film has legs and sticks around for awhile, it could prove to be one of the summer’s biggest sleeper hits. Watch this space. Unfortunately, Nerve, the third new release of the week, flopped into eighth place with only $9 million.

Star Trek Beyond, last week’s champion, fell a large 59% in its second weekend, grossing $24 million for a $105 million total. The previous two Star Trek movies made $257 million and $228 million, but this one will have to struggle if it wants to get close to those numbers. Thankfully, that new Star Trek TV series was already in the works before everyone saw these disappointing numbers.

The Secret Life of Pets fell to fourth place, but it’s only a few days away from breaking $300 million. If it keeps going this strong, it may even manage to top Zootopia, which made $341 million earlier this year. In fact, animated movies about talking animals seem like one of the only safe bets in 2016, especially since Finding Dory is still doing strong business and reached $469 million this weekend. The box office failure of  Ice Age: Collision Course, which made only $10 million this weekend for a $42 million total appears to be the exception that proves the rule.

Meanwhile, Lights Out showcased stronger legs than most horror movies, suffering a big (but not debilitating) second weekend drop, grossing $10 million for a $42 million total so far. Not bad for a movie that cost less than $5 million.

And finally, that brings us to Ghostbusters and The Legend of Tarzan, which are both special cases. The former isn’t the massive blockbuster Sony was hoping for, but it’s ultimately going to be the biggest film Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy have made. The latter won’t even come close to breaking even in the United States, but it performed far better than anyone expected and should ultimately be fine thanks to the international market.

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