Last March, when all schools suddenly shut down, my daughter was sent home with a worksheet packet and a hunger like no other. I call her the Summer Snack Monster because each summer she's STARVING all the time and she wants to eat all the snacks! The Summer Snack Monster was very apparent during those "lockdown" months. It sounds kind of dumb and shallow as a parent but I got really tired really quickly of feeding my kid.

Since then, she's been happily eating lunch and now breakfast at school! Earlier in the year, the school system announced that breakfast and lunch would be free for all students regardless of need. Sounds good to me. Now, with the holiday break coming up, the Warrick County Food and Nutrition Dept are asking that parents and caregivers consider picking up a free food pack for the break regardless of need.

According to the email released by WCSC Food & Nutrition Dept today, by picking up one or both of the free food packs you'll "provide WCSC Food & Nutrition Department employees work over the holidays when they would normally not receive a paycheck because each meal given to a student provides more funding for the Food & Nutrition Department. More meals served = more school funding."

The meal kits will include a week's worth of breakfasts, a week's worth of lunches, and milk. Pick up will be on MONDAY, December 21, 2020 and MONDAY, December 28, 2020 between 4:30pm – 5:30pm (extended hours offered at CHS).  Drive up Grab n' Go Meal pick up for Christmas is available at TEN locations throughout the district: 

Boonville High School- Pool entrance (Door J)

Castle High School- Front of building (enter off Vann Road)

Castle South Middle School- Back parking lot- Door #12 (drive around south side of building)

Elberfeld Elementary School-Bus Lane (enter on eastside, exit on west side)

Loge Elementary School- Gym Doors

Lynnville Elementary School- Car rider drop off/pick up area (under canopy)

Newburgh Elementary School- Back parking lot

Sharon Elementary School - Back Drop off / pick up Circle

Tennyson Elementary School -Gym Doors

Yankeetown Elementary School- Kitchen door (driver around building, at corner past gym doors) 

To participate in the FREE Grab n' Go meals, please sign up via the below link. A new form will be required for each student and each student form requires that student's number which will be checked at pickup:

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