I never cease to be amazed when I see a supercut type of video like this, even the most basic ones. I think to myself, who in the world has the time, resources and energy to compile these things? Ultimately I don't really care. I'm just appreciative that someone can provide a few moments of mindless entertainment.

There are a bunch of videos with various supercut videos out there, in fact, I ran across this nifty SupercutOnline YouTube channel. Some themes are generic, like "scream scenes" or "vomit scenes". Some are specific to certain movies and/or actors. But the one that caught my eye today is a supercut of every punch thrown in all of the Rocky movies. So how long will it take to watch all of those punches? The answer is nearly 17 minutes. Now if it takes that long to watch it, just imagine how long it took to cut it together. Mind boggling.

And honestly, the amount of work it took to put this video together is what intrigued me the most. I have/had no illusions that watching 17 minutes of random punches would be uber entertaining. So, considering the amount of work that must have gone into this video, I will use the word "impressive". Hopefully you will be impressed, and maybe entertained, as well.