Watch the story of how "The Room", one of Hollywood's most famous "so bad it's good" movies, got made.


If you haven't seen "The Room" you are missing out on some of the best cringe-worthy acting and unintentionally funny scenes in all of cinema history.



It's one of those classic "it's so bad it's good" movies. Seriously, critics have deemed this movie "one of the worst movies ever made" which actually helped it to gain the cult status it has today.


It's so ironically popular that James Franco decided to make a movie based on the book The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside the Room, the Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made by Greg Sestero, the guy who played Mark in the film (Oh, hai Mark...). And Franco's portrayal of Tommy Wiseau is practically SPOT ON.





So check out the trailer...for the movie...based on the book...based on the movie...that will probably end up being way better than the original movie.



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